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  1 April 2012 Leprechauns in the trading hut
      Late on Friday evening Mr Paddy McGinty was watering his radishes, in defiance of the hosepipe ban, when he noticed activity on the south side of the trading hut. There appeared to be a group of little people carrying torches and flower pots in a small circle. Being of a brave and inquisitive nature Mr McGinty crept towards the hut and spied a small group of leprechauns, recognised from Mr McGinty's childhood in Ireland. Mr McGinty was aware that where there were leprechauns there was always also gold, so summoning his courage he crept closer and saw that the leprechauns were carrying flower pots full of compost from the enclosure into the hut through the cat flap into the hut itself. Further investigation proved difficult and Mr McGinty was found early next day with his head stuck in the cat flap, but none the worse for the affair than a mild headache, and a considerable thirst as his bottle of whisky was out of reach, on the exterior of the cat flap while Mr Mcginty's mouth was inside the flap. No gold was found after an exhaustive search by the Association treasurer.